Acharya Rajendra Ji Maharaj

Bhagwat Pravkta

Acharya Rajendra Ji Maharaj

1. Become Volunteer

If you want to protect and spread Indian knowledge, science and culture, then become a volunteer.

2. Donate Now

Donate for the construction of Murli Nikunj Dham and other public welfare services and contribute to save our ancient culture and civilization.

3. Become Member

Our civilization is the oldest civilization in the world. But now she is getting lost. Let's make an effort together to save it.

Today, we have infused a new energy in the society by going to different cities and towns of India

To provide practical and business education for better life and employment.

To create an environment which is completely pollution free and peaceful for a healthy, happy and stress free life.

Acharya Rajendra Ji Maharaj
Acharya Rajendra Ji Maharaj

Do you know ? The glory of charity


Today all the people are adopting western culture by forgetting their sanskars and culture. That’s why we are working for the promotion of Indian Sanatani Sanskars.

Vedic Science

Today most of the Indians forgetting their eternal Vedic science and are moving towards modern science. We are working for the promotion and protection of our Indian Vedic Science.

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Acharya Rajendra Ji Maharaj

Acharya Rajendra Ji Maharaj

Bharat Bhoomi has been a great land of saints. Many such saints, rishis and gurus have been born in it.
Who has dedicated his entire life in showing the world the path of knowledge, devotion and salvation.
Similarly, the Vedic, spiritual voices are the melodious carriers of the wonderful Vyasa tradition of the glorious Vyasa tradition,
“Shri Acharya Rajendra Ji Maharaj Ji.
Pujya Maharaj Ji is spreading the divine traditions of Sanatan Dharma and Vedic science along with Harinam Sankirtana in the whole world through Shri Hari Katha, Satsang, Bhajan and various Yatras.